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Asgard Memories

So, I am an old player from Asgard 1.0 (Yes from like 5 years ago) and I see that lots of old players from back then still play. Although most are staff now there are still a good amount of regular players still playing. So if you're one of the Veterans from Asgard 1.0 or even 2.0 I'm just wondering what are your favourite memories? Reply to the post with your most funny/interesting memories from Asgard Ascension. I'm sure it'll give everyone a good nostalgic feel to read up on them.

4 months ago

I am Gabe

Roast me here if you want

4 months ago

I am Gabe

Hi! I'm Gabe!


I play League of Legends for a school team! and Starcraft II for fun
I like minecraft even though I have never finished the vanilla version!


I am PhoenixRemast's friend (Free me)

I'm quite the silly person


Yeah I really got nothing to show for myself I know

4 months ago