Rank Revamp

 Started by PhoenixRemast

So, one of our main changes in Asgard 5.0 which changes the core gameplay of the server is how we changed the mine rnaks to make it so it is less focused on paying for ranks for you to progress esaily. The changes that we've done are going to be listed below.


Firstly I'm going to start with one of the major changes we've made as we changed into Asgard 5.0 is we've reset all the paid for donator ranks

I know this is a new change and definitely a controversial change but it meant we can change all areas of the ranks and how they react with the new player experience without having to worry about keeping it to what you paid for.


We didn't completely get rid of your ranks though, we've changed them into different ranks, mainly cosmetic and quality of life based with cosmetics and commands that benefit you in terms of ease of access


Changes to paid ranks 

We've changed all of the paid ranks into a completely different system

- We've changed the donor rank ladder into the crate rank system

- God > Vanaheim

- Demigod > Alfheim 

- Mage > Midgard

- Hero > Jotunheim

- Chief > Svartalfheim

- Druid > Nidavellir 

- Viking > Niflheim

we've done this to simplify the amount of rank gear there is, and therefore is easier for a new player to understand how good the ranks are, plus its easier for non ranks to get 

Furthermore, we've buffed these kits enchantments so that they're better and creating a better experience for everyone.

Finally, We have made it so that Asgardian gear is more difficult to find, this creates a better rarity to it and makes a better economy for everyone.


Secondly, we've changed the non donator experience drastically, We've made it so that new player kits and mine kits are much better than they used to be, so that they actually have value and are a significant upgrade each time 

Even more so we've made it so that all the higher level mines give more money so that they match up to the realms more than they used too, so that they can earn similar amounts of money to the people who brought ranks changing it from pay to win to pay to progress


By PhoenixRemast, about 1 year ago