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Server Rules & Guidelines

 Started by MissingSyntax

- Keep the server friendly and have fun!
This is the most important rule of all: enjoy!

- Player disrespect
Do not disrespect or bully other players. Everyone deserves a nice, friendly environment on Asgard.

- Sexism/Racism
Do not harass anyone based on their sexuality, or race.

- Griefing/Trolling
Do not try to manipulate someone, or cause harm by stating facts that are not true. Do not intentionally causing harm on other players' property.

- Scamming
Do not try to scam other players. A scamming offense will be taken seriously.

- Begging
Do not ask for free things on the server, including but not limited to money, items, ranks, cosmetic perks, etc..

- Advertising
Do not post links, IPs, or anything directing to another server or forums anywhere.

- Unapproved clients/modifications
Do not use modifications not explicitly approved or whitelisted by the administration team or any hacked clients that provide unfair advantages.

- Obey staff orders
Staff orders must be followed at all times. In case of an abusive staff member, players may report the staff member directly to a member of the administration team.

- Exploiting glitches/bugs
Do not exploit any glitches or bugs found. New bugs must be reported to a staff member immediately.

- English only in Global Chat
Do not use other languages other than English while talking in the Global channel.

- DDoS/Dox/Death Threats
Do not threaten anyone or the server with or without the intention of DDoSing or Doxing them, this it not taken lightly and will have severe punishments. Death threats are prohibited as well.

- Impersonation
Do not impersonate staff members, YouTubers, streamers, and any player in general.

- PvP system abuse
Do not abuse the PvP system or map, including but not limited to the acts of escaping the combat log protection system, escaping PvP through warping to other areas or jumping off the map, using Morphs in PvP, etc..

- HelpOP system abuse
Do not abuse the HelpOP system, including but not limited to the acts of sending non-help-related messages, evading mute, etc..

- Account sharing
Do not share your account with others. This means no one other than the original account owner may have access to his/her account.

- Cursing/Profanity
Do not swear excessively, or to players. Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter.

- Excessive capitalization
Do not use excessive capitals (11+ characters or in short spaces of time) while talking.

- Spam
Do not spam or flood the server chat.

- AFK Evasion
Do not attempt to avoid the AFK kicker through any means.

- Punishment Evasion/Alts
Do not make alt accounts/share accounts to evade the punishment.

- Alts limit
Each player may only bring a maximum of 2 alternate accounts onto the server (total 3 accounts of same ownership).

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