Asgard 5.0

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Hello Asgardians,

This was probably fairly predictable at this point, but we plan on resetting the server again with a burst of advertisement to make it more new player friendly, This update is planned along with a big content update including, Honorary Plots, A Rank Revamp and much more

We plan on doing this because the server is obviously low in terms of players right now, And with a burst of advertising and an even playing field we believe we can bring this server back to what it once was, At the same time we wish to create a new identity for the server, leaving behind some of the negative stigmas of how it used to run and improve player-staff interactions

if you wish to help. I would recommend applying for beta testers as then you will have early access to the content we are releasing, Additionally sticking with the server has been a huge benefit for us and we hope to have your continued support as Asgard hopefully enters a new era.

Any questions you can message any staff member on discord, Create a forum post or of course ask us in game.

Finally, over the coming weeks several staff members will be leaking sneak peeks of what they are doing.

Thank You
- Asgard Staff Team

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