Asgard Ascension

Unique custom Semi-OP Prison Server

Hello Asgardians,

We know we've been inactive in terms of announcements and sneakpeeks but we're back with good news too.

Despite the lack of activity in terms of communications we have all been working incredibly hard to make this a fresh and new experience for you all.

We do have news in terms of a release date which is when we're aiming to get you guys on the server to start checking out all the new content we've added.

We're looking at releasing on the 26th of July, A.K.A Friday next week from now and the time will be released soon.

Thanks for sticking with us, We know it took a while but *hopefully* it's going to be totally worth the wait.

- Asgard Staff Team.
Hello Asgardians,

This was probably fairly predictable at this point, but we plan on resetting the server again with a burst of advertisement to make it more new player friendly, This update is planned along with a big content update including, Honorary Plots, A Rank Revamp and much more

We plan on doing this because the server is obviously low in terms of players right now, And with a burst of advertising and an even playing field we believe we can bring this server back to what it once was, At the same time we wish to create a new identity for the server, leaving behind some of the negative stigmas of how it used to run and improve player-staff interactions

if you wish to help. I would recommend applying for beta testers as then you will have early access to the content we are releasing, Additionally sticking with the server has been a huge benefit for us and we hope to have your continued support as Asgard hopefully enters a new era.

Any questions you can message any staff member on discord, Create a forum post or of course ask us in game.

Finally, over the coming weeks several staff members will be leaking sneak peeks of what they are doing.

Honorary Plots
Rank Revamp

Thank You
- Asgard Staff Team
Hello Asgardians,

Today I'd like to announce the unveiling of our latest feature,

What is an honorary plot?
An honorary plot will be a plot that will be kept throughout one reset, And then you will have to apply again for the next reset, obviously all the ways of storing items will be removed and/or checked. Abuse of this system will lead to punishments.

Why have we added them?
As a staff team, we find going through the plot world and finding out all the custom builds around there all look really nice, furthermore we also know how much of an annoyance resetting the server is, and therefore we wanted to smooth over the transition, Obviously if you wanted to restart your plot you could and between resets you could develop it and make it look cooler, We just thought it would be a nice integration into the server to keep some of the amazing builds you guys do on the server and in the process of doing that make the transition between server versions easier.

How to apply
Create a forum post showing off pictures of your plot, Make sure to include a section which tells us the name, and plot ID. The plot can only consist of 1 plot and 1 player, but you will be able to add more after the reset (No merged plots).
Furthermore the plot also needs to look good as it needs to pass the test and be worth making honorary. Honorary plots will also be the plots featured around the spawn doors.

Thank you
- Asgard Staff Team
Hello Asgardians,

We have been working hard at within the Asgard Staff Team to work out how to make the server have a more friendly beginner start.

Part of this we believe is due to the Pay2Win and generally donator ran economy therefore we have been working on a rank revamp along with our next reset of the server

So to elaborate before everyone thinks we are robbing you of your ranks. I don't plan on nerfing ranks too hard, maybe just slightly but nothing confirmed in terms of nerfing

I plan on buffing the player experience, not too the level of donator ranks, but instead I plan on buffing the non-donator experience, Increasing enchantment levels and changing most of it to diamond armour.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome in the #suggestions discord channel or in your own forum post

Side note forum post will get more attention from us.

Thank you
- Asgard Staff Team
Hello Asgardians,
After the Staff Team have been working hard at creating a better playing process for you we noticed that you don't know a lot of what we have planned.

In response to this we are happy to announce the first phase of future development. Our Beta Tester Applications.

Beta Testers will be able to test the future features of their server before there released or even announced

How do you sign up?
To sign up you need to suit the following requirements:
  • You must be over the age of 12
  • You must be active on Discord
  • You must have over 10 hours logged on the server.
  • You must be mature over opinions and issues found.
If you suit all of these and are interested sign up under the following link
(Making sure you are signed in)

How will you know if you've been accepted?

If you are accepted to join the program you will be messaged on discord and added certain roles on the server, furthermore you will have a pink Beta Tester tag in game with added permissions.

Additional notes

If you have any questions feel free to message me on Discord @PhoenixRemast#5940 or any other Staff Member.
Welcome to Asgard Ascension forums! Here as a community we get to know each other and find out things related to the server and of course have fun while doing it. Here at Asgard Ascension we love to be involved in the community and take in suggestions from you guys, there are places around the forum to apply for staff, find new announcements and news, give suggestions, create reports, and plenty of others. If you need any help for any reason just ask any of the staff members and we will be with you as soon as we can. On that note lets continue on to some other details related to the server.

What's going on?

After around 5 months of the server being down we have decided to reopen the server. The expected release date will be July 1st 4PM EST. We have also changed owners if you have not noticed already (Hello :p). We are going to be releasing the 2.0 version of the server with a couple adjustments and modifications. If you need more info on what's going on feel free to join our discord and ask.

Server Details:



Voting Links:

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PlanetMinecraft -

Supported Mods:




Too Many Items, Not Enough items and similar item-browsing modifications

Brightness Modifications

Auto-Sprint modifications

Non-X=ray texture packs


The use of any modifications not listed above is not allowed and will result in punishments if caught doing so.